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What Joe Biden could learn from Harry Truman

Like many Democrats these days, Biden feels held back by the rich. in a manhattan fundraising On Tuesday night, Biden delivered a brief blow to the Republican economy when he said, “I’m not a big drip guy.” But then, looking out over the wealthy crowd at a downtown apartment during an event that raised about $2 million for Democrats, Biden quickly added: “A lot of you are doing really, really well. And you should do it right. You deserve to do well. But I want to build this economy from the middle out and from the bottom up… When that happens, everyone does well. The rich are doing very, very well, and everyone is doing well.”

Unlike Biden, Truman’s economic attacks on Republicans had an internal consistency because they were based on the theory that Republican leaders would do anything to help corporate America fuel their profits. That was his reply to high inflation (8 percent) in 1948. speech from the back of his field train, the Ferdinand MagellanIn Terre Haute, Indiana, on the Saturday before the election, Truman explained the GOP’s inaction: “Republican leaders are too interested in helping big business make bigger profits. They know as well as I do that runaway inflation can lead to a depression. They know it, but they are shortsighted and selfish.”

Class warfare does not come naturally to modern Democratic presidents, especially when directed at the party’s donor class. As a result, Biden’s style is much less confrontational. “We understand something that Republicans don’t,” he said on September 9. dnc fundraiser. “Wall Street did not build this country. Working people, the middle class built this nation. And I have news for you: unions built the middle class.”


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