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Fascists, Neo-Fascists and Post-Fascists: Italy’s Unreal Electoral Debate

Rome—Before the general elections on Sunday, 92 percent of Italians say their main concern is rising energy prices. Even before the inflation crisis, millions of italians avoided turning on your appliances; now, they are discussing how to use less gas to boil pasta. However, the importance of this issue does not necessarily translate directly into partisan loyalties.

Part of the problem is recognizing the real scope of the crisis. Giorgia Meloni, whose far-right Fratelli d’Italia party currently poll headsasserts that the answer need not imply “particularly excessive“New costs for the State. For example, you could simply reduce the tax burden on fuel bills. Entrepreneur Guido Crosetto, Meloni’s adviser, warns starkly that this fall may find the country in a disastrous “Gotham City” scenario, but adds that the necessary options are above politics and must come from the outgoing government even before the next one forms.

However, the measures being discussed in Italy today often seem inadequate for the looming crisis. The pandemic and the resulting closures further worsened the condition of low-paid and informal workers, especially women. One of the few protections for the precarious was the so-called “Citizens’ Income”, a benefit for job seekers introduced in 2019; Starting this July just over 1 million households they were recipients. Now, this protection is threatened.

Payment of up to 780 euros per month is relatively popular in regions with high unemployment and among young people. However, it is strongly opposed by the employers’ body Confindustria and much of the political center and right, who condemn its alleged fraudulent use and its role in discouraging Italians from taking low-paying jobs. It is also controversial among many voters, who qualify this issue as a priority but are divided between 61 and 39 percent in favor of abolishing it. However, the momentum behind his complete abandonment also appears to be fading.

The Ombudsman?

The party that most defends Citizen Income is Giuseppe Conte’s Five Star Movement, which played a decisive role in its implementation in 2019. Five Stars came first in the last general elections of 2018, with 32 percent of the vote. Yet long claiming to be “neither left nor right,” the party followed an erratic course in office, falling to just 10 percent in the polls before this current election was called.


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